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Pet Health

Clarke County Animal Hospital provides access to the following site to help answer questions and provide general information concerning your pets health:

This site discusses questions you may have concerning your pets health, medications, therapies, surgeries and behaviors.  It also provides information for small mammals, reptiles and horses.  It is the most complete, in our opinion, veterinary reference site online today.  The site, however, is not intended to eliminate the need for comprehensive veterinary care.  It is simply provided to give general information about your pets and hopefully aid you in making the right decisions for him/her.  Be sure to call (251) 275-8911 if you have any questions!

 Pet Care Tips:

  • Cold Kills- A dog or cat left outside in severe cold weather can die quickly from exposure.
  • When you are not at home, leave your dog or puppy in a long term confinement area, such as a crate or single room indoors with easy to clean floors(bathroom, kitchen utility room, etc...)
  • The purpose of confinement is to prevent your dog from chewing inappropriate items around your house and to maximize the likelihood your dog will not develop a chewing habit.
  • Chew toys such as Kongs, Biscuit Balls, etc.. are by far the best chew toys.  They are made of natural produsts, are hollow, and may be stuffed with food to entice your dog to chew on them exclusively.
  • When you take your pet out to do its business, give it at least 3-5 minutes, when your dog eliminates praise it enthusiastically with praise or a treat!
  • Discourage your dog from entering non-digging areas.  If your dog digs in a non-digging area, put some of his excrement in the hole.  This tells the dog that all he'll fing is his feces there and he won't want to dig there again.
  • Socialize your puppy to be friendly (espicially with children), so that he would rather play than fight.

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