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We offer the luxury of leaving your beloved friends with someone that you know and trust.  Dr. Sellers and staff offer affordable rates and personalized, loving care.  Trained veterinary assistants look over your pet at least hourly during office hours, and come in on the days we are closed (weekends and holidays) to care for them.  Our own pets board in our kennels when we are out of town just as your pets do.  We will treat your pet like one of our own, because when they are at CCAH they are family!

All animals staying with CCAH must have had a physical exam by our veterinarians within the last year.  There are no exceptions to this rule!  Dogs must be current on all vaccines, including Bordetella.  Cats must be current on vaccines also.  This is for the protection of your pets and for the protection of the hospitalized patients.  Animals must be free of all fleas and other parasites.  If your pet is found to be caring fleas or other parasites appropriate treatment will be done at the owner's expense.

All animals are fed Purina O.N.E. unless you bring your pet's food from home.  We suggest that if your pet is accustomed to a different food that you do bring it with them to avoid G.I. upset.  If they are on a prescription food that we sell here at the clinic, we can also feed them that for you.  Dogs and cats are kept warm and comfy with blankets and towels for beds (unless, of course, your dog likes to eat them). You are welcome to bring your dog's own food and snacks if you wish.  They will be fed as directed by you.  If they have any special toys or blankets, you are welcome to bring these also.  We will try to be accommodating, but sometimes blankets become dirty or a favorite toy may be deemed too hazardous for your pets health to be given to him/her.  For your kitty friends you may also bring any special food or toys you would like.

Dropping off and picking up on the weekends and after hours will not be possible unless it is an emergency.  In these cases Dr. Sellers is the only one who can take the animals in or release them.  Reservations are not required, but it is recommended due to limited kennel space.  We will take boarders with reservations before those without.  Reservations during the busy holiday seasons do book quickly so we highly recommend calling in advance for these times!

Dogs get the royal treatment here at Clarke County Animal Hospital.  Your dog will be exercised 2-3 times daily in our 2 acre exercise area.  They can be taken into our backyard to sniff, excersise and do "their" thing multiple times a day.  They are also given lots of hugs and pats.   No two pets of different owners are ever put together, just seeing other pets causes many to become excited which can lead to problems.  The constant barking at other pets can cause sore throats, tonsillitis, bronchitis and other issues.  Be aware the temperature and humidity in our clinic may be a little different from your home.  Just as with humans, any change in the enviroment can create problems beyond our control.  Your pet may also have been in the "incubation period" of some infectious disease when brought into our clinic for boarding.  Signs of disease do not develop for several days after exposure to an infectious agent.  Even though you assume the pet is healthy- and even though we examine your pet upon arrival, it is impossible to detect many problems until the pet starts to show clinical signs.  Any change in normal routines of the pet can result in "stress."  Any form of stress can weaken the pet's immune system allowing some hidden disease it has been incubating to become apparent resulting in a sick pet.  Please be sure to read and print out the Boarding Release Form at the bottom of this page.  Make sure you fill the form out completly and bring it in when boarding your pet.


You are welcome to call and check on your pet at anytime while they are boarding in our facility.  If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at (251)275-8911.

Boarding Handout

Boarding Release Form

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