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Complications of the skin and ears are among the most common reasons for veterinary office visits here at Clarke County Animal Hospital in southwest Alabama. The skin is considered the largest organ in the body, and problems with it can leave your pet feeling uncomfortable and distressed. This can cause you, as an owner, to feel concerned about your pet’s constant scratching, licking, and general unease.

The constant scratching along with hair loss, dandruff, bad skin odor, and changes in skin, coat color and texture are all associated with dermatological issues. If you notice your pet experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t just ignore it and think that the problem will go away. Irritation of the skin is typically caused by an allergic reaction to something in the immediate environment. Food allergies, fleas, and substances in their location such as dust, pollen, and grass are just some of the possible triggers for skin conditions. Other causes of itching may be an infestation of microscopic parasites such as mites causing sarcoptic mange, or demodectic mange.

In addition to allergies and parasites, animals are susceptible to a variety of skin disorders including bacterial and fungal infections, hereditary and congenital diseases, chronic ear infections, diseases of the feet, footpads and nails, autoimmune skin diseases, endocrine (hormonal) disorders, and skin cancer.

Our goal at Clarke County Animal Hospital is to make a specific diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan that is both cost-effective and in the best interest of your pet's long-term health. There are hundreds of different skin diseases currently recognized in dogs and cats. Many of these diseases look very much alike, with only subtle differences in clinical pictures and historical backgrounds. Dr. Sellers has many years of experience focusing on these differences and will pursue a direct and cost effective diagnostic work-up followed by appropriate and effective treatment.

Veterinary medicine has taken great strides in alleviating the discomfort of skin ailments offering solutions such as medicated shampoos, topical solutions, and prescription oral medications. Dr. Sellers will diagnose your pet’s condition and determine the best solution for your pet’s lifestyle.

Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, chronic skin disease can truly affect your pet’s quality of life more than anything else he may suffer. The sooner your pet is examined and treated, the sooner he will return to a happy, healthy pet.